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The United Way of Jasper County's Get Connected service is provided by the Iowa Speedway Foundation.  The system opened for public use on Sept. 13, 2013.  The focus during this first year will be getting new agencies and volunteers into the system.  While agencies frequently have needs, it is often easier (especially for smaller agencies) to take care of the need themselves instead of spending more time finding a volunteer to help; the ease of this system will eleviate much of that stress, but will take a shift in thinking for both agencies and volunteers.  Getting this system filled will take some effort, so please be patient with us as we work to educate the community about this system. 


If you know of any not for profit organization that should be included, please have them contact the United Way of Jasper County directly.  This system is free for non-profits with some physical presence in Jasper County (including civic groups, local government, religious organizations, etc.).  The system will not be available for organizations without any physical presence in the county, organizations who practice discrimination, or political-party organizations. 

About Getting Connected

Welcome to Jasper County's new Get Connected site. We are glad to have you visit us, and we hope that you take the time to fill out a profile and meet an Agency's need. Remeber to LIVE UNITED.

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